Classic Wholesale Details

Our Classic Wholesale option means simply buying our candles as we typically package them, but at a bulk rate.

This includes a top label with our name and logo, side label with scent description, and bottom label with ingredients, how-to instructions, safety information and Skinny Dip's website.

The minimum order is $200. Shipping is not included.

General Notes

  • How to Purchase Wholesale
    Go to the product you wish to order and select the type of wholesale option you wish using the drop-down box. Prices are as they are listed. If you select the private label option, we'll reach out to you to get your custom labels set up!
  • Retail Rates
    We recommend retailing our candles at double the cost. For example, the classic wholesale cost for the 4oz candle is $8.50, so your retail rate would be $17. You are, of course, welcome to price them as you'd like.

  • Turnaround Times
    Turnaround times are typically 3-4 business days and then shipping is 2-4 days. This can become longer for the private label option, particularly if we are setting up your label for the first time. I'll keep you updated as we work together!

  • Terms
    We offer a payment plan through Shop Pay on the website.

  • Purchasing Through Faire
    If you would prefer to order on Faire, CLICK HERE to go to our store.