The skin-nourishing candle for self care, intimacy and massage

Montana-based Skinny Dip Candles offer a complete line of lotion candles featuring a proprietary blend of natural, cosmetic-grade, skin-nourishing ingredients.

Our unique product is perfect for businesses interested in encouraging self care, personal wellness, and intimacy with a quality product that caters to physical and emotional connection.

We offer bulk purchasing options including classic wholesale (our labels), private label (custom labels), and white label (blank besides safety info).

  • Unique + Multi-Purpose

    Our soy wax base is blended with skin-nourishing oils & butters. It burns at a cozy 102°F, so you can pour the wax directly onto skin as a lotion or massage oil. It's also great as a balm!

  • High Quality

    Made with all active and cosmetic-grade ingredients, Skinny Dip Candles are not only clean-burning, but they're ideal for moisturizing skin and have unmatched glide for massage.

  • Sustainable

    Made with natural ingredients, our candles can be used to the very last drop. Even if there is wax left in the tin, simply scoop out like a balm, rinse the tin, and reuse or recycle it.

Spring Collection

Our Spring Collection includes scents specially curated for the season. Collection closes August 1st!... 

Edible Collection

Our Sensual Edible Collection is available year-round and includes candles scented with our... 

Signature Collection

Our Signature Collection is available year-round and includes top sellers and scents perfect for... 

  • The Best Massage Candles I've Tried

    I've used a lot of [massage candles] and most of them honestly suck. The consistency is weird or it absorbs too quickly, etc. This one though? Fantastic! It lasted the entire 30 minutes without needing reapplication. The scent was soft, strong and yet somehow not overpowering. Also my hands are EXTREMELY well moisturized. - Patty S.

  • Happy Private Label Customer

    We have been purchasing custom label Skinny Dip Candles and Minis, and we love them! The custom label is perfect, and our customers have enjoyed purchasing them and receiving them as part of our Giveaway Baskets! Highly recommend this product to anyone searching for a little something extra for a gift, or to treat yourself! - Amy G.

  • Inspiring Intimacy

    My hubby and I have discovered the edible massage candles! Wow! Another fun massage candle for intimate times together. I highly recommend. The candles have enhanced our special times together. - Linda R.

Wholesale FAQs

Who can buy at the wholesale rates?

Anyone can purchase at the wholesale rate! You just have to meet the minimum order amounts for each type of purchase:

- Classic wholesale (our labels): $200

- Private label (custom labels): $300

- White label (blank except safety, ingredient and use instructions on bottom): $200

Is shipping included?

As a small business, we are unfortunately not able to include shipping in our costs.

We usually use USPS Flat Rate Priority shipping for the savings and quick delivery of a meltable product. It is typically $20 per 24 candles

What is your turnaround time?

Turnaround is typically 3-4 business days, but can get longer for private label customers depending on our local printer's workload.

If it looks like your order will take longer than usual, we'll let you know right away!

Do you offer terms?

We offer Shop Pay through our website, which gives you the option to pay in installments.

We are also on Faire if you prefer to order there. They have net 30 terms as well as shipping discounts for members.

Can I mix and match scents?

Yes! There is no minimum for each scent, so you can mix and match as you like.

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    "One of her most important missions with Skinny Dip Candle is that her customers feel welcome, beautiful, and comfortable."

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  • Canvas Rebel

    "I strive to bring all these things into Skinny Dip – expression with a wide variety of scents, eco-conscious ingredients, joy through self confidence, and support of other makers and my local community."

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